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1985 - 2009
McCune Television

A Filmography

For twenty five years, McCune Television has provided thoughtful documentary  examination of  events, histories and challenges  that have laid the foundation for the 21st Century.  Now, selected, re-mastered  films  from the McCune Library  are affordably  offered to  educational  institutions (from elementary to university), public libraries and the public, with more coming soon.



Bill McCune making notes wearing "battle-rattle" May '04 Camp Victory-North near Baghdad.)

At remote Camp Ridgeway in western AnBar Province, Iraq, June '04 with "Squad Automatic Weapon

Coffee on Christmas morning, 2004, at Camp Cooke, Taji, Iraq with fellow Arizonan Army Sgt. Andy Stewart



Arizona’s Centennial

The 100th Anniversary of Statehood – February 14, 2012
With the financial support of the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education we are producing a documentary series (probably four hours in length) on the history, development, framers, and content of our Arizona and United States constitutions. The first one-thousand copies will be donated to Arizona’s schools. We hope to have this huge project completed sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2010.


Bill McCune was brought to Arizona from Ohio in 1951 as part of the 'second wave of westward pioneers' - the post-war boom. He attended public schools, graduated from Phoenix College and earned a Political Science degree from Arizona State University. 

At the age of 25, he was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives, and later to the State Senate. 

Writing and producing television programs was a second career, undertaken at the age of 35. Since then McCune has created and produced more than 80 documentaries and television specials.

Bill McCune has traveled the world shooting projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia; Sarajevo, Bosnia; the old “East Berlin;” Belfast, Northern Ireland; Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw and Krakow, Poland; the Irish Republic, England, Switzerland… His focus has often been the struggle and difficulties of people and nations to live in peace and freedom.

In the States, Bill’s documentaries have explored the spectrum of political and social issues, with great emphasis on the challenges of young people to make good life-decisions or suffer the consequences. But, of course, Bill McCune’s greatest loves are the films delving into the history, heritage and people of the American Southwest.

Political Editor, Horizon Program KAET (PBS) Channel 8, Phoenix 

Horizon is a daily public affairs program
Weekly responsibility: Write, produce, host and narrate two long-form (6-10 minute) documentary style, reports on national, state and local political stories. 
It is estimated that 200 such reports, constituted some 33 hours of documentary production,
including the Specials and “Profiles” noted below.

KAET (Channel 8) 

1982 - Buckle Up Your Baby   30 minutes
   KAET, channel 8, Phoenix 
    Special on child car safety.
1983 - I Am A Child    30 minutes
   KAET, channel 8, Phoenix 
    Special on the status of children in Arizona.
1983 - Balladeer: Dolan Ellis   30 minutes
   KAET, channel 8, Phoenix 
   Special on the life of singer/song writer Dolan
1984 - Grow Old Along With Me  30 min
    KAET, channel 8, Phoenix 
     Special on social problems of the elderly.
1984 - Jacob Waltz: The Lost Dutchman
  30 minutes
   KAET, channel 8, Phoenix 
   The history and  legend of the Lost Dutchman


 (This was an ongoing series of in-depth 
   interview/discussion specials on significant individuals)

 Alex Haley     30 minutes

   The Pulitzer Prize winning author of Roots
 Steve Allen      30 minutes
   Comedian, actor, composer, author
 Margaret Hance     30 minutes
   The first woman Mayor of Phoenix
Mistislov Rostropovic     30 minutes
   Soviet exiled, world renowned Cellist;
    Conductor of the National Symphony in
   Washington, DC
 Sam Steiger       30 minutes
   Korean war hero; Member of Congress from
 Henry Kissenger    15 minutes
   American Secretary of State
 Jack Williams        30 minutes
   Governor of Arizona; Mayor of Phoenix; radio
    broadcaster; and significant player in shaping
    post-war Arizona.
William P. Mahoney     30 minutes
   U.S. Ambassador to Ghana; confidant of Jack
   and Bobby Kennedy; and one of the few
   self-avowed liberals in then ultra-conservative
Duke Tully         30 minutes
   Publisher of The Arizona Republic and The
   Phoenix Gazette who fabricated an elaborate
   record as an Air Force fighter pilot in the 
   Korean and Viet Nam wars.
Burton Barr      30 minutes
   Long time Majority Leader of the Arizona House
   of Representatives; highly decorated WWII
   Army Battalion Commander. Certainly the most 
  significant political figure in modernizing
  post-war Arizona

McCune Television has produced, for law firms, more than sixty Litigation Documentaries, averaging 22 minutes in length. These productions profile the lives of the victims of catastrophic injuries caused by motor vehicle and industrial accidents, as well as medical mal-practice.

The lives of victims in wrongful death cases are also profiled in such litigation documentaries.

These productions typically focus on "damages," as opposed to "liability." They are most often used in Settlement Conferences, although they can be produced with a higher standard of admissibility for trial.

1985 - Don’t Worry Mom, I Can Handle It!
    60 minutes
    KTVK, Channel 3, Phoenix
    A documentary on teen-age alcohol abuse.
1986 - The Women They Were    30 minutes
   KTVK, Channel 3, Phoenix
   Pioneer women in Arizona
1986 -  Keep Me From Blowing Away
   30 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix - 
   A documentary on alcoholism among women.
1986 - Victims of Progress   30 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   A documentary on the dangers of industrial
   waste seeping into the ground water.
1986 - The Publics’ Trust   60 minutes
  KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   A comprehensive documentary on the history of 
   newspapers in Arizona; with particular emphasis on 
   the life and practices of Eugene C. Pulliam, the
   autocratic publisher of The Arizona Republic and
   Phoenix Gazette.
1986 - Shanwick International   30 minutes
    Marketing video emphasizing Bee pollen products.
1987 -  PHOENIX 2010   30 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix - 
   A projected look at what Phoenix, and life generally, 
   will be like twenty-three years into the future. 
   The program involved futurist scholars, and the 
   art of futurist,  NASA artist Robert McCall.
1987 - The History of the Phoenix Carnegie Library 20 minutes
   Arizona Department of Library, Archive and Public
   Records. A documentary commemorating the 
   restoration of the library facility as the new Arizona
   Women's Hall of Fame Museum
1987 - The Road To Statehood    90 minutes
    KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection
1987 - Arizona Highways - 
That Ever-fantastical Magical Magazine
   30 minutes
   KPHO, Channel 5, Phoenix
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection
1988 - Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest
   30 minutes
   Public information video about a non-profit, public
   interest law  firm.
1988 - VALLEY HOMELESS     60 minutes
    KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix. 
   A documentary on homelessness  in Phoenix.
1988 - AIDS - An Arizona Perspective 
   60 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix, Produced with Sheri Brown.
   A documentary on the HIV-AIDS epidemic as it existed
  at that time. 
1989 - Tenant’s Rights - Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act 
    30 minutes
   Public information video for the Arizona Superior 
   Court system, dramatizing and explaining the new
   landlord-tenant statute in Arizona.
1989 - Just Around the Corner     60 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   A documentary on the physical, psychological, 
   economic and social aspects of aging in America.
1989 - I Am A Child - Revisited  30 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   A documentary re-examination and updating of the
   status of children in Arizona.
1989 -To The Last Drop: Arizona’s Water Wars
    60 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   A documentary on the history of the fight for water 
   in Arizona.
1990 - The Spirit of Arizona    90 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection
1990 -  Almost Free      60 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection 
1990 - The Peoples’ Choice/ Arizona’s Leadership Crisis 60 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   An examination of politics and government in 
   Arizona, focusing on the lack of effective leadership.
1991 - Una Segunda Vista- Arizona’s
   Hispanic Heritage  120 minutes
    KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix 
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection Series
1991 -Barry Goldwater-An American Life
  120 minutes
  KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
  The Arizona History and Heritage Collection Series
1991 - The Great Southwest Desert Survival
  Test 30 minutes
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   Humorous approach to the serious subject of desert
   Produced with Jay Steinberg.   Original Music Score 
   by Jay Steinberg
1992 - Indian - A History of Native Arizona
  180 minutes
   The Arizona History and Heritage Collection Series
1992 - Police Department 911 system   30 min
   Public information video for the City of Phoenix.
1992 - Phoenix Sewage Treatment Plant 
   Operations 30 minutes
   Public information video for the City of Phoenix.
1992 - Mexican Student Exchange    30 minutes
   Produced for the Paradise Valley school District
1992 - ADHD - Attention Deficit 
  Hyperactivity Disorder 30 minutes 
   KPHO, channel 5, Phoenix
   An examination of the characteristics; suggested 
   causes of and treatments for ADH.D. Program included
   doctors, parents and teachers of ADH.D. children.
1993 - The Healer’s Journey          30 minutes
   For USA Health Network, Inc.
   Distributed to The United States Congress 
   The 300 year history and development of modern
   medical  practices.
1993 -What You Haven’t Been Told  (but
  really need to know) About Healthcare
  Reform         30 minutes
   For USA Health Network, Inc
   Distributed to the United States Congress
   A critical examination of the proposed national
    healthcare plan.
1993 - The Adventures of Big George - A
  Hell of A Guy      20 minutes
   For USA Health Network
   Comedic dramatization of the life of Corporate CEO
   Features Stan Freeberg 
   Original Music by Mark and Lorin Schultie
1994 - What’s The Difference?     30 minutes
   For USA Health Network, Inc.
   Distributed to The United States Congress
  A program demonstrating the differences between
  HMOs, PPOs, and managed health care.
1994 - The USA Players Examine Healthcare
  Reform     30 minutes
   For USA Health Network, Inc.
   Distributed to the United States Congress
   Musical comedy production addressing healthcare
   reform issues.   Features Stan Freeberg; other actors;
  singers and dancers in big musical production numbers.
1995 - Southwest College of Naturopathic
  Medical and Health Services        15 minutes
   College recruiting film.
1994 - New Campus Tour - Southwest 
  College of Naturopathic  Medicine and
   Health Services    15 minutes
   College recruiting film
1995 - You Can Make The Difference 30 min
    For the Cartright School District; the value of 
1995 - Police Chaplain/ Law Enforcement 
    For the John F. Long Foundation             30 minutes
   Documentary on the activities of a police chaplain
1995 - Phoenix College -
 The Diamond Jubilee 1920 - 1995     60 min
   For the Maricopa Community Colleges
   Broadcast - KTVK, channel 3, Phoenix
   The history of Phoenix College.
   Original Music Score composed by Jay Steinberg.
1996 -  Larry Yancy - Man of the Century 
   30 minutes
    For Shamrock Foods Corporation
    Comedic mock-documentary, dramatization of the
   life of a corporate executive.
1996 - The Think Tank     15 minutes
    Presentation for the Maricopa Community Colleges.
1996 - Consequences    60 minutes
   KAET, UPN45, Phoenix
   A realistic look at the consequences of making poor
   life choices:   Jail, prison, paraplegia, quadriplegia,
   coma, death,  disfigurement, unemployment, poverty, 
   etc. Uses teen oriented poetry as part of narration.
   (Discussion guide booklet) 
   Original Music Score by Jay Steinberg.
1996 - It’s Your Life    60 minutes
   KAET, UPN45, Phoenix
   The importance of using critical thinking; having
   dreams and goals; planning; and the concept of 
   delayed gratification. This program, aimed at younger 
   students - 5th - 7th grades - uses humor as a tool; also
   uses teen oriented poetry as part of  narration. 
  (Discussion guide booklet)
  Original Musical Score by Jay Steinberg
1996 - Be Down: Go Down   60 minutes
   A stark look at the attitudes, behaviors, and most
   important, the consequences of being in a criminal 
   youth gang. The program involves gang members 
   and former gang members; uses urban  poetry as part
   of narration.
   Original Music Score by Jay Steinberg.
1996 - Take Back the Child   60 minutes
   This program is aimed at the parents of teens and
   pre-teens, and addresses reasons why children join
   criminal youth gangs. Deals with early childhood 
   development; and the need to belong. Uses poetry as
   part of narration.
   Original Music Score by Jay Steinberg.
1997 - Know What I’m Sayin! (Arizona’s
   Tough New Juvenile Crime Law) 
  KUTP, UPN45, Phoenix              30 minutes
   This program was produced at the request of The
   Arizona  Supreme Court, and distributed by them to
   virtually every school and youth organization in 
   Arizona in hopes that youngsters would better 
   understand the draconian consequences of a new 
   juvenile crime statute.
   Original Music Score by Jay Steinberg.
1998 -  Baby, Baby        60 minutes
   KUTP, UPN45, Phoenix
   This program addresses two basic questions: 1) Why
   you don’t want a baby when you or thirteen years old,
   and 2) How do you  take care of the baby, now that 
   you have it?
    Uses some comedy, as well as serious re-enactments.
    Original Music Score by Jay Steinberg
1998 -  Intolerance     60 minutes
   This documentary examines the horrific, ultimate 
   consequences of intolerance. It was shot in five
   locations: 1) In Bosnia, with survivors of the
   1992-96 war; 2) In Belfast, North Ireland, with a mixed
   group of Catholic and Protestant teenagers; 3) In
   Prague, Czech Republic with a family of Gypsies; 4) In
   the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, Poland; and 5) In
   the desert in Pinal County,  Arizona, at the site of the
   1871 genocide of Apache women and  children (The
   Camp Grant Massacre,) with an Apache historian
   descendent of the victims.
   Original Music Score available on CD; produced by 
   Bill McCune; composed by Jay Steinberg; performed
   by Jay Steinberg, Greg Kozak, and others.
1998 - Memorial Edition - 
Barry Goldwater-An American Life
   KUTP, UPN45, Phoenix                    120 minutes
   Upon the death of Barry Goldwater in 1998 we 
   undertook a  special broadcast of the original
   documentary, replacing a commercial time with 
   comments and remembrances from  Goldwater’s
   brother, Bob; son, Barry Jr.; Governor Jane Dee
   Hull; Congressman John Shadegg; journalist Paul 
   Schatt; and Bill McCune.
1999 - The Kosovar Refugees   30 minutes
  KPHO, CBS, channel 5, Phoenix 
   A series of five documentary news feature reports 
  during the war in Kosovo. They were shot at Kosovar 
  refugee camps in Bosnia.
1999 - Growing Up Together: The history of KPHO and Phoenix Television 1949 - 1999 
  KPHO, CBS, channel 5, Phoenix.  (December 4, 1999)
   48 minutes
   This was a one hour documentary in celebration of
   KPHO’s 50th Anniversary of broadcasting in the
   Phoenix market area.

2000 - Success Stories:    48 minutes
This inspiring program profiles the life experiences of three young women whose strength, courage and determination turned their lives, variously, from the despair of crime, drugs, street life and catastrophic injury, to great success. It is used in schools and jail facilities as a motivational tool.

2001 - The Road to Nazlini: Ceremonial Practices and Cultural Preservation Challenges 
   96 minutes

  This two part program explores Native concepts of Creator-God, contrasting them with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. Also examines tribal efforts to preserve culture in areas of song, dance, language, legends, games and spirituality.

2003 - geoARIZONA Our Unique Geography 
   48 minutes
  geoARIZONA is a 48 minute video overview of the physical and cultural geography of the state. The academic content was developed with the help of the Arizona Geographic Alliance, which is the state arm of the National Geographic Society (and is housed at the Department of Geography at Arizona State University). The program was written for a general TV viewing audience. It offers a good introduction to physical and cultural geography, and a comprehensive look at the application of these disciplines to the 113,000 square miles called Arizona.



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